Unsolicited Client Testimonials: 2
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Jim Byrne has received dozens of unsolocited testimonials from his clients who were very happy with the help he had given to them.



  • "Hi Jim, ... I have learned so much from you over the past six months. There are now so many things I can do to make myself feel better that I just didn't see before. ... Thank you so much again for all your help over the months. Your advice was great and you had the perfect blend of wisdom, suggestion and gentle nudging! I loved it that you used humour and allowed me to work away at things at my own pace (...). You really suited me perfectly and I'm glad I found you". C.C, Edinburgh, Scotland. (Six sessions of telephone counselling, plus four exchanges of coaching emails).


  • Dear Jim! Thank you very much for your help with my problems with shyness and social anxiety. Our work has helped me to gain important insights, and actually made me feel a little better in a short amount of time. I know I need to 'work and practice, work and practice, work and practice'; and you have now clarified for me what I need to work on, and how to do that work!" R.G., Denmark. (Exchange of four emails).

If you would like to find out more about:
  • Telephone counselling; or video conferencing over the internet; then please check here.
  • Face-to-face coaching and counselling, in Hebden Bridge or Halifax, West Yorkshire, then please check here.
  • Or if you want to know some more about Jim Byrne, then please take a look at the *About Jim Byrne* Page.

  • "Hi Jim, ... ... I felt pretty good after speaking with you and appreciate it. You seem to zero in on things pretty quickly. I like that and hope I can continue to feel less stress while in love. I am confident I will make some headway with your help. I am motivated to succeed ... Take care". G.P., Colerado, USA. (Four sessions of telephone counselling).


  • "...I simply had to contact you to say a big 'Thank You' for writing the Supreme Self-Confidence book. I have just finished reading it, and it has had a great effect on me. If it was available in my local book shop, I would buy copies for every member of my family!" K.J., Colwyn Bay, North Wales. (A grateful reader of one of my books).


  • "Jim: I thought I should email you to let you know how grateful I am for the help you gave me with my panic attacks. I regularly think of the things you told me and found the whole experience very useful. My recovery from the worry was almost instant and I'm certain I won't have a panic attack again. … So thank you". D.L., Brighouse, West Yorkshire. (One session of face-to-face coaching/counselling).

If you would like more information about Jim Byrne, his approach to counselling and therapy, his availability and so on, then there is an Information Pack about face-to-face services here: The Information Pack Page.

  • "Thanks Jim ... I enjoyed our last session very much. I had a really fine day after our conversation. In general, I feel better and know things are improving. I look forward to our next telephone conversation on Wednesday. Thanks". S.P., Fort Worth, Texas, US. (Six sessions of telephone coaching, so far).


  • "Dear Jim. I tried phoning several times but couldn't get through. I got my PhD!!! The viva examination was very tough, but I kept my anxiety under control, and was very confident in my answers to both examiners. After all these years I've done it! And it was all down to your coaching in anxiety control, self confidence, and communication strategies. Thank you". P.G., Rochdale, Lancashire. (Seven sessions of coaching/counselling, covering confidence boosting, communication strategies, and problems of anxiety).


  • "Thank you for your swift response, Jim. You have given me lots of food for thought, and action too. I can see that if I do even some of what you suggest, I will be in danger of healing myself!" A.C., Ilkley, West Yorkshire. (One session of email exchange).


  • "Once again, Jim, you have helped me greatly. Last time it was depression, and this time anxiety. I feel much less anxious about picking up the phone and asking for that interview!" D.A.C., Mytholmroyd, Hebden Bridge. (Two sessions of counselling).


  • "Hi Jim. Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the last chapter of your Confidence Book and feel like I'm continuing to make progress with all the techniques you taught me in our counselling sessions. I no longer feel like the isolated, lonely little spider in Walt Whitman's poem. I'm engaging in the things I'm passionate about again - friends, music and a bit of politics. Getting there slowly, and I'll certainly come for a top-up session if I feel myself heading back in the wrong direction. Thanks again". C.J.G., North Halifax, West Yorkshire. (Four sessions of confidence coaching for social anxiety problems).


  • "Thanks, Jim. You changed my life! In some difficult situations, I sometimes hear your voice in my head, coaching me on the way forward". M.G., Luddendenfoot, Halifax, West Yorkshire. (Six sessions of coaching for self-confidence and social anxiety problems).


  • "Many, many thanks for the great help you have given me with my anxiety about my academic exams, and my fear of failure. I really appreciate it". A.G., Burnley, Lancs. (Six sessions of face-to-face counselling and therapy).


  • "Many thanks for the copy of your book on *Overcoming Anxiety*, and for our brilliant session last week. I really took on board what you said about my demand that I must be able to have the kind of life that I desire to have. I realized at the weekend that I can either accept my life as it has now become, or fight against it as I have been doing. And, hey presto, the minute I decided to accept the reality of my life, I felt calm and even a bit happy. As a result, my weekend was the best I've had in ages. So thank you!" G.P., Swansea. (Two sessions of telephone counselling for depression and stress).


  • "I had four sessions of counselling with you just over a year ago, for claustrophobia and panic attacks. I still remember a lot of what you said and I'm much better than I was back then. I can hear your voice in my head sometimes, encouraging me and advising me. I also remember a feeling of inspiration when I left your sessions which I did not feel from more conventional counselling". G.A., Todmorden, Lancs.


  • "I'm amazed. Four weeks ago I was feeling *destroyed* - depressed and suicidal. But using what you taught me, I've reduced my upset from a '9 out of 10' catastrophe to a '2 out of 10' difficulty - and I'm still improving every day! I am so very grateful, and I'll be back in a few weeks for a follow-up session and a progress report". D.D., Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. (Four sessions face to face counselling, for problems of depression, stress, self confidence).


  • "Thank you for your input, which was invaluable and helped me along on my journey. I have got some really good stuff out of our work; 'How I deal with the problem with my wife’, was cracking coaching. Helping me recognise how I pile on secondary anxiety atop of the first problem, was a real breakthrough too". K.M.G., Glasgow. (Three sessions of telephone counselling, combined with email exchanges).


  • "What can I say to a man who turned my life around?" S.C., Keighley. (Three sessions, face to face, for depression and [subsequent] anger).


  • "The information you gave me about how to manage my thoughts, feelings and behaviours has been of great use and I feel I have learned a great deal from it and still put it into practice". S.J., Internet. (Three sessions of internet relay chat).


  • "I'm off the Prozac. The panic attacks have gone. And my marriage is now a source of happiness instead of despair!" K.L., Sowerby. (Twenty-six sessions face to face psychotherapy for depression, assertion and relationship problems).


  • "What I learned from you about REBT changed my life. I almost never feel angry anymore; and it's now *five years* since I came to you with uncontrollable rage. Even if I slip back slightly now and again, I can quickly think about it and stop upsetting myself". J.J., Todmorden, Lancs. (Twelve sessions face to face).


  • "Everything is so much better. I still use the models you taught me, whenever a problem crops up. You're a tough coach, but I benefited enormously". M.L., Hebden Bridge. (Five sessions face to face).


  • "...I was impressed by your counselling skill (Jim)... And I solved (the problem) very soon after our two sessions...(of Instant Messaging). I could not have done it without your guidance". B.E., Florida. (Two sessions of internet relay chat for marital problems).


  • "What a philosophy! I sometimes laugh myself silly when I think about all the crazy ideas I used to hold, and how much I used to upset myself. Thank you for everything". B.J., Hebden Bridge. (Four sessions face to face).


  • "I enjoyed your 'Fear Book' so much, I just have to have a copy of your 'Confidence Book'. Thank you so much". T.A., New York. (One email exchange).


  • "I don't know how I could ever thank you for all the help you have given me. In just four short weeks you have helped me to overcome all my problems of distress and despondency. Not only do I have real peace and serenity in my life now, but also the chance of some real happiness in my future". S.G., Rochdale, Lancs. (Four sessions of face to face Confidence Coaching, for deep depression, despair, social isolation and relationship problems).


  • "I thought you'd like to know, Jim, that I am (emotionally) well and truly occupying the (assertive) ground between passivity and aggression. All the best". P.K., Brighouse. (Three sessions of face to face counselling and therapy for problems of depression, anxiety and anger).


  • "My self-confidence has grown and grown. I take lots of risks in work now, and at home and socially. I almost never feel panicky or ashamed to speak up. I've given up my demand that life 'must be safe', and that I 'must be perfect'!" T.K., Hebden Bridge. (Five sessions of face to face coaching for self-confidence).


  • "Thank you so much for sending 'Overcoming Fear and Anxiety'. I found it to be very clearly written, and with lots of useful exercises. It's so good that I hope you won't mind if I use it with my own clients? It's the *best* thing I've read on how to get rid of anxiety". A.J., Sunderland. (One exchange of emails).


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