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Jim Byrne has helped dozens of couples to overcome their emotional, behavioural and relationship difficulties, and to learn to communicate more effectively with each other.  In the process they got very much better lives than they had had previously.  A recent example was the woman who wrote to say:
"Thanks for all your help, Jim.  Things are now going very much better for us.  When conflicts and tensions do arise, we are now able to deal with them quickly and effectively.  After a recent setback, we emerged very strong and are feeling much more secure in our relationship.  We still practice what we learned from you.
Many Thanks",
K.L., Todmorden, Lancs.

Resource 13: Professional help with your love relationship problems

How to improve your sex-love relationship: The essential guidelines!

by Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling


Now you can get valuable help with your relationship without coming to my office, and without picking up the phone.  All you have to do is read a few pages of text, watch the videos, and apply the principles that I will be teaching you along the way! 


Do you need help with your romantic relationship?

Are you experiencing unhappiness in your marriage or couple relationship?  Are you looking for relief from the stress of a relationship that is not working as well as it used to?  Do you crave a loving relationship, but find yourself involved in irresolvable conflict and misery?

What can I do to help?

I am a Doctor of Counselling with more than 15 years experience of helping couples to improve their relationships, and to lead a happy, married or co-habiting life.  A recent couple gave me this feedback:

“Every time we come to see you, our relationship gets better and better; and now we have reached a plateau which is so much better than the place we were at when we first came to see you.  We are so much happier”.

They had no idea what it was that I did to bring about this healing of their relationship problems; and all I know is it has something to do with what I teach: models, principles and rules of relationships. The skills required to live happily together!

And now I want to make those solutions available to you.


Teaching the client about the nature of love is one of the most difficult challenges a counsellor faces:  “There are no short-cuts to understanding what love is.  If someone has been deprived of the crudest infantile experience of love then he might be permanently crippled or, at least, have great difficulty in learning later what the word can mean.  In learning what it symbolizes, I need to re-write my autobiography over and over again.  To grow is to re-organize the past now and to move into the future”.

Robert F. Hobson, Forms of Feeling: The heart of psychotherapy, Page 212. (25)


Do you love yourself enough to give yourself this gift?

Now you can learn about how to use and apply these models, principles and rules of relationship, without ever coming to see me.  You can get all this helpful and healing learning from studying Resource 13 – Professional help with your relationship problems: How to improve your sex-love relationship.  Wouldn’t you like to get a summary of my years of learning about the nature of relationships?  What to do to be successful; how to do it; and why it is important to do it.


Get immediate access to these valuable insights and lessons.  Buy Now! 

Couples Therapy and counselling help for emotional, behavioural and relationship problems or communications breakdowns

By Dr Jim Byrne, Doctor of Counselling, in Hebden Bridge; and by telephone all over the world.

"Loving relationships are a result of a commitment to being loving, and a rejection of anger, hatred, selfishness, and other negative emotions". 

Jim Byrne

Doctor of Counselling

February 2014



"Love is only known to those who love". Anonymous

"Life is short and we have not too much time for gladdening the hearts of those who are travelling the dark way with us.  Oh, be swift to love!  Make haste to be kind".  Henri Frederic Amiel

"The moment I start arguing (with you) I can be sure I am not sure of myself". K. Bradford Brown

(Learn to fight fair; to be assertive, and not aggressive or passive).



Here is Part 1 of a three part video series that I have created as part of this resource pack.  I hope you like it:



Take a look at this video, which is available at YouTube.  Click the link or the image:

Part 1: How to create, build or restore a successful marriage or couple relationship.  


Beyond the need to avoid the negative emotions of anger, hatred, unhealthy jealousy, and so on, it is argued by Dr Erich Fromm, a famous psychoanalyst, that the art of loving is based upon four key principles, which include: Care, respect and responsibility.  Based on this definition, you could train yourself to remember to ask yourself:

# Do I care for my partner?  Do I show by my words and actions that I care for my partner?  Does my partner clearly feel cared for by me (as revealed by their words and actions)?

# Do I respect my partner?  Do I show by my words and actions that I respect my partner?  Does my partner clearly feel respected by me (as shown by their words and actions)?

# Do I take responsibility for my side of my sex-love relationship?  Do I show by my words and actions that I am an actively responsible (rather than passively irresponsible) partner?  Does my partner clearly feel/believe that I am taking an equal, joint responsibility for our relationship (as shown by their words and actions)?


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"Finish every day and be done with it.  You have done what you could.  Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can.  This day is all that is good and fair.  It is too dear, with its hopes and invitations, to waste a moment on yesterday".  Ralph Waldo Emerson.
"Every day is a new life to a wise (wo)man".  Bertrand Russell.