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Stress is not 'all in the mind'. It is a real physiological state of over-arousal, which can race your heart and churn your guts; and make you feel frightened and panicky.  It is a state of over-arousal that can be reduced when you understand how to manage the mental and physical triggers that allow stress to get out of control.

Dr Jim Byrne

January, 2010


Stress Management Counselling and Psychotherapy - with Dr Jim Byrne 

Feelings of Stress Destroy the Quality of Your Life

Stress can manifest as a constant feeling of inability to cope with the pressures of life, at home or at work.  In fact, a good definition of stress is this:

Stress = Pressure/Coping ability; or stress equals pressure divided by your coping ability.

The higher your level of coping ability, the more pressure you can handle before your stress level begins to feel like distress.

If you cannot reduce the pressures in your life, then the solution is to increase your coping ability.  Your coping ability consists of both mental and physical elements.  The mental elements have to do with how you frame or interpret your stressors; and how you 'talk to yourself' about how to cope.  Your physical coping ability has to do with ways of minimizing physiological arousal when you are under pressure.

I can teach you how to increase your mental and physical coping strategies and skills.

If you want to be able to cope better with the pressures in your life, and to feel happy despite those pressures, I can help you to develop the correct understanding and the appropriate skills. 
1. Telephone counselling: You don't even have to take time out to come and see me at my office; and we never even have to meet.  We can work together over the telephone, and I can send you follow-up reading material, and you can email me with progress reports. 
2. Face to face stress counselling: On the other hand, if you want to meet face to face, I can set up an appointment to meet in Hebden Bridge

3. Self-help: Or you could study my book on Stress Management.*** 

In a short time you could have your stress level under control, if you respond well to my coaching.


To set up an appointment, call me today on:

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Don't miss this chance to sort your problems out.

Call me today.

Jim Byrne
Doctor of Counselling
ABC Coaching and Counselling Services


~~~ e-book No.3: How to Reduce and Control Your Stress Level, and to Have a Happier Life: The CENT approach

The purpose of this book is to teach the reader what stress is, and how to combat it. It is written in the form of a self-help manual, with spaces for self-reflection exercises. However, it could also be used by counsellors, counselling students, and interested others, as a means to learn, understand and present the CENT approach to Stress Management in counselling, coaching and therapy contexts.

For further information on this book, go to How to Control Your Stress Level...