How to overcome depression...self-help, low-cost, high quality help
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High value help for people suffering with depression, at very low cost.


Resource 10: Eliminate Depression Now:

A Ten Page Solution

by Dr Jim Byrne


Copyright (c) Jim Byrne, 2010-2014

Updated: 23rd September 2014


"Grief is appropriate depression about a significant loss or failure; while depression is inappropriate grief about some loss or failure.  And the inappropriate quality comes out of our unrealistic demands about life and experience, and our tendency to catastrophize".  Dr Jim Byrne



I assume you are feeling depressed, and that is why you have turned to this ten page pamphlet, with video support.  Therefore, I want you to know that I feel for you in your suffering; I am sorry that you're feeling so miserable.

My job here is to present you with a brief, effective solution.  

That solution is presented in the ten pages that follow, plus the appended 7 minute video clip on Eliminating Depression.  Plus a link to a document on the CENT approach to reframing problems, which reduces the intensity of our emotions.

Some individuals are curious about the effectiveness of a resource, the core of which is a 10-page pamphlet.  This is our response:

Written resource packs can be as effective as seeing a counsellor for a face-to-face therapy session:

“If you have doubts about whether working through a book (or pamphlet – JB) could possibly be as effective as being face-to-face with a counsellor, you will be interested to know that several research studies have matched people receiving face-to-face counselling with groups who were given self-help books.  In 1992 a review of these studies showed that the people using the books did as well as, or even better than, those actually receiving counselling”.

Sheila Dainow, 2010, Be Your Own Counsellor: Your step-by-step guide to understanding yourself.  Page 2.


I have more than 15 years experience of helping individuals to overcome their feelings of depression and despair about the losses and failures they experience in their lives. 

Here are a couple of typical unsolicited testimonials from recent clients:


♣ “Dear Dr Jim, Your advice was very helpful.  The techniques you recommended for overcoming my depression worked very well, every time I used them.  I particularly liked your One Page Solution for Depression; and using the Six Windows Mind Hut model.”

C.G.G., Vienna, Austria. 


♣ "I took an online depression test before I consulted you. I have just re-taken that test, four months later. Huge difference! I went from 'severely depressed' to 'within normal range'! I'm in the clear and feeling good! Thanks". P.P., Brittany, France.




In this ten page downloadable pamphlet, and downloadable video, I have condensed my more than fifteen years experience - of helping individuals to eliminate depression - in order to make it available to you: quickly, easily and at low cost.


Now you can access this highly valued resource pack for just £6.75, payable at the PayPal secure server, either with a PayPal account, or with any credit or debit card.  Just click the 'Pay Now' button that follows: 

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