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Depression - A one page solution

Jim-hols-10002.jpgHello and welcome to the first of the one-page solutions for common problems of daily living.

One page solutions are a new idea from Dr Jim Byrne.

They take account of the fact that people are too busy to read books or listen to long audio programmes.  But they do have real difficult emotional, behavioural and relationship problems.  Therefore there is a need for a quick solution that can be easily mastered.

One page solutions consist of a single page of advice and guidance on how to solve a particular kind of emotional, behavioural or relationship problem; plus a brief video clip that reinforces the learning from the page.

On this page, we will introduce just one of these one-page solutions: the one for getting rid of your feelings of depression.


User Testimonial

"Dear Dr Byrne.
"My work life has been very difficult for many months, with many extreme decisions to make - stressful and depressing - driving me deeper into depression for a long time. But I have overcome all these problems using your one page solution for depression. Now I feel a whole lot better. Thank you for your work. It works! It got me through very difficult times!"
P.J.M., Berlin, Germany.


This one page solution for depression teaches you how to quickly and easily eliminate depression and despondency, using the insights which Dr Byrne has gained from a twenty year study of the relevant psychology and philosophy, biology and brain chemistry.  The key insights are summarized in a brief web page on how to eliminate depression.  This page of teaching text, which is reasonably brief and easy to understand, is supported by a 7 minute video clip, featuring Dr Byrne, which provides powerful coaching inputs to reinforce the insights and skills described in the text.


Statement by Dr Jim Byrne:

"I have more than fifteen years experience of helping individuals to overcome their problems with depression.  Here's an example of an earlier client who sent me a testimonial about our work together:

'I took an online depression test before I consulted you. I have just re-taken that test, four months later. Huge difference! I went from 'severely depressed' to 'within normal range'! I'm in the clear and feeling good! Thanks'. P.P., Brittany, France. (Four sessions of telephone counselling).

"Do not suffer in silence with symptoms of depression, or over rely on chemical solutions.  This One Page Solution can help you to get rid of your misery quickly and efficiently.  You should see clear improvements within a couple of days.  And your sense of hopelessness and helplessness should lift almost immediately!"

The next bit of good news is this: You do not have to pay hundreds of pounds, or even tens of dollars, to get this relief.  You  can get it for just £3.75 GBP (plus any relevant local taxes).  It's a 'no brainer'!

Sign in today and get the relief you need!

To see this One Page Solution for Depression, please pay your access fee, by clicking the following link: Eliminate Depression Now: A One Page Counselling Solution for Eliminating Depression, by Dr Jim Byrne.***