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Helping you to overcome your emotional, behavioural and relationship problems, and to have a happy life of balanced, calm, success.

The counselling relationship is an active one in which both the client and the counsellor work to build some new understanding of the client’s situation: “…counselling is an intentional, purposeful activity.  It is not something that ‘just happens’ – it has to be made.  This ‘making’ is an activity that is carried out by both participants, working together.  The person cannot make a counselling space in the absence of the willingness and involvement of the counsellor, and vice versa”. 

John McLeod (2007) Counselling Skill. Page 4. (36)


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On this page you will find a link to the downloadable PDF Information Pack for Face-to-face clients who want appointments in Hebden Bridge in 2015.  This 13-page information pack has been designed to summarize information regarding face to face counselling and therapy services, which is available in more elaborate form on this website.

Help is available for individuals and couples, with problems of anger, anxiety, depression, couples therapy, anger management, stress, communication skills, self-confidence, attachment problems, and general personal and professional development: including assertiveness skills.

This file can be downloaded to your hard-drive, or opened and read immediately.

Downloadable info pack for face to face clients (PDF).

On the other hand, if your have a very specific query, which can be brief, then please phone me on 01422 843 629 (inside the UK) or 44 1422 843 629 (from outside the UK).

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