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Telephone counselling is surprisingly effective.  Call Dr Jim Byrne today for a quick consultation, and find out how easy it is to get high quality help with your distressing problems.

Get highly valued counselling help - from Dr Jim Byrne - from any part of the world - via the telephone system...

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Re-parenting and befriending are important aspects of counselling and therapy:  “Ian Suttie … regarded psychotherapy as a quest for a ‘companionship’ with the client.  He drew attention to the embarrassed ‘taboo on tenderness’ which scares us all, especially ‘scientific’ psychotherapists.  There is no more effective barrier to treatment (in counselling and therapy).  Tenderness is akin to that of the loving relationship between the child and mother which is formed ‘with the intention of severance’.  The therapist needs to be a ‘mother’ (and a ‘father’), but s/he must move towards ‘friendship’, a more equal personal relationship”. 

Robert F. Hobson, Forms of Feeling: The heart of psychotherapy, Page 212. (31)



Details of Telephone Counselling Service


If you are struggling with mild to moderate problems of anger, anxiety and/or depression; or couple or marriage conflict; or communication problems in relationships; then I can help you. 

I can also help with seven areas of counselling specialism

No matter where you are in the world, I can help you.  Over more than fourteen years of offering Telephone Counselling, I have found that this system is very effective, despite the lack of body language and face reading.  It is surprising how nuanced our voices can be in communicating subtelties that normally rely upon body language.

If you are too far away for face to face meetings, or you have a good reason to meet in some other way, such as because of a disability, etc., then you can sign up for two telephone counselling sessions. This service involves 45 minutes of telephone contact, at your expense, and costs £30.00 GBP, plus local taxes, per session
. (To convert this fee into any other major currency, click the following link:
to purchase one telephone counselling session.)

Telephone-counsellor4.jpgTelephone counselling is a well established alternative to face to face counselling. It is obviously better to have face to face contact with your coach or counsellor, but in many situations this is impossible: for examples, when you are disabled or house-bound; or when you live in an area that is not well served by coaches/counsellors/therapists; or perhaps there is nobody from the school of counselling that you prefer.



  • "Hi Jim. ... ... On a final note, I have friends who see therapists on a regular basis, some on medication, etc., and they seem no better off than myself. I believe your work over the phone and internet is as effective as anything I am keep up the excellent work. I believe you are really onto something and if I have an opportunity, I will recommend you to others! I assume you would not mind. ..." J.P., New York City, USA.
  • Dear Jim, ... Great news! Michelle and I have been getting on really well for at least the past three months, for which we largely have you and Albert Ellis to thank! I still keep working on my thinking. It is amazing that I still find a lot of unhelpful ideas, and screwy ideas, washing around in my mind. You will be pleased to know that I persist with identifying and challenging them, and replacing them with more helpful ideas, just like you taught me". C.G., Paris, France. (Eight sessions of telephone counselling, including some couples counselling by telephone; plus a few email exchanges).

  • "Hi Jim, ... I have learned so much from you over the past six months. There are now so many things I can do to make myself feel better that I just didn't see before. ... Thank you so much again for all your help over the months. Your advice was great and you had the perfect blend of wisdom, suggestion and gentle nudging! I loved it that you used humour and allowed me to work away at things at my own pace (...). You really suited me perfectly and I'm glad I found you". C.C, Edinburgh, Scotland. (Six sessions of telephone counselling, plus four exchanges of coaching emails).


Jim-hols-10002.jpgI will normally get your order within minutes of your signing up at ClickBank (below), and I will normally respond to you within a few hours. Delivery of your service is normally possible within a couple of days. Thus telephone counselling is often very much easier and more convenient to access than face to face services. 

If you find it hard to express yourself in writing, and you cannot meet face-to-face, then please opt for thirty to forty minutes of telephone counselling. Sign up and I will contact you (normally by email) to set up a time for you to telephone me. (The number to use when you telephone me is

  • [from outside the UK] 44 1422 843 629; or

  • [from inside the UK] 01422 843 629.)

I will remind you of this number when you book your session.

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Or, to discuss your needs with me, please send an email to Dr Jim Byrne at ABC Coaching and Counselling Services.


Telephone counselling is much more effective than most people would expect.  Although we do not have face to face contact, the quality of communication is surprisingly good.  I have done some of my best work over the telephone! 

Best wishes,


Dr Jim Byrne


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