ABC Coaching & Counselling Services, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire; and by telephone, email & Skype

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ABC Coaching and Counselling Services offers professional counselling, psychotherapy and coaching services, in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire; and by telephone, email and Skype/webcam all over the world.

Plus some CPD courses and learning resources for counselling students; postgraduate students; qualified counsellors; and self-help enthusiasts.

The ABC services are based upon the theory and practice of Cognitive Emotive Narrative Therapy (CENT) - which incorporates CBT/REBT, depth psychology and humanistic (client centred) approaches.  More specifically, we integrate REBT/CBT, Transactional Analysis (TA), Narrative Therapy, Attachment Theory, Object Relations, Zen Buddhism and Moral Philosophy.


Coaching, counselling and psychotherapy in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, HX7 8HJ, UK

Telephone counselling and Skypewebcam counselling all over the English speaking world.

Email counselling for individuals with good English writing skills, who are not seriously emotionally disturbed.

Academic coaching for counselling and psychotherapy students.


Overview of site content: Counselling and coaching services; and counselling and coaching training courses and informational resources; including video format. Face to face coaching and counselling services; telephone counselling; email counselling; skype counselling; performance coaching; psychotherapy; couples therapy; books on counselling, and on anxiety, anger management, stress management, and happiness. Confidence counselling and coaching: Assertiveness; self confidence; self acceptance. Happiness coaching and positive psychology. Counselling research; and counselling supervision. Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT); Rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT); Cognitive emotive narrative therapy (CENT); Transactional analysis (TA); Object relations and attachment theory; Zen Buddhism and moral philosophy.  Training for counsellors; Articles and papers on CENT counselling.  Counselling diploma assignments.  Copy of counsellor's doctoral thesis.  The institute for CENT (cognitive emotive narrative therapy). Pages on attachment theory, meditation, narrative therapy, writing therapy, anger, anxiety, depression, stress, stoic philosophy for counsellors, and much more besides.



Counselling and psychotherapy for You! Solve your emotional, behavioural and relationship problems here. 

Help with anger, anxiety, depression, stress, self-esteem, couples therapy, lifelong learning skills, and personal performance improvement. 

Face to face counselling, coaching and therapy; plus telephone counselling; email counselling; Skype counselling; Plus counselling information sheets, information packs, training courses, learning modules, articles and papers; and a counselling blog

The home of Cognitive Emotive Narrative Therapy (CENT), in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, HX7 



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We also host the web pages of the Institute for CENT*** counselling. 


♣ Book announcement: For counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, and discerning individual readers who like to read psychological thrillers, analysis of dramatic family history, and moving autobiography, this book is a rare treat: Mysterious Roots of Half a Life: by Daniel O’Beeve.***